Spinal Injury

Spine Injury Cases

Spine or spinal injury cases are not really a type of personal injury case, they are a type of personal injury damage. A spinal cord injury (SCI) is an injury that is caused by trauma, such as from an automobile accident, a “slip and fall,” a “trip and fall,” a sports related injury, anything that results in injury to the spine.

Symptoms that result from an SCI vary a lot, depending on the “level” of the spine injury. The length of your spinal cord runs from the base of the skull to below the lower back. The spinal cord is protected by bony rings known as vertebras. The vertebras serve to encase and protect the cord. There are eight vertebras in the neck (the cervical). The topmost is C-1, and the bottom cervical vertebra is C-8. Then come the 12 mid to lower back thoracic vertebras (T-1 through T-12), and the lowest five vertebras are known as the sacral vertebras (S-1 through S-5).

The spinal cord is essentially a bundle of nerves, and the nerve impulses that are carried through the spinal cord go to and from the brain and the rest of the body. The brain and the spinal cord work together to form the Central Nervous System.

As a general rule, (but only a general rule) injury to the higher level cervical vertebras tend to cause the most devastating injuries. As an example, “complete” injury to the cervical spinal cord at the higher levels such as C-1/C-2, will often lead to severe paralysis, such as quadriplegia, as well as severe respiratory problems, which result in the afflicted person becoming ventilator dependent. Higher level spinal injuries usually result from severe trauma.

Cases involving significant spinal cord injuries tend to be very large damages cases, as the nature and extent of damages to the person can be extreme. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries affect large numbers of individuals, who will often require extensive care and treatment throughout their lives.

I had the great honor of trying a major spinal cord injury case in the County of San Bernardino which resulted in the largest verdict in the State of California in the year it was tried. My client was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of a doctor’s failure to properly read my client’s cervical x-ray while she was a patient at an emergency room. Tragically, had she been properly immobilized following her x-rays, she would not have become quadriplegic.

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