About Us

Over the past 30+ years, The Law Offices of Martin P. Weniz has represented clients in a broad spectrum of personal injury claims, including major medical malpractice cases, serious spinal cord injury cases, automobile accident cases, slip and fall cases, and more.

Under the banner of LosAngelesInjuryAttorneys.net, we are pleased to provide you with the most effective representation for your particular case. In some instances, this may mean that you will be better served having another law firm represent your interests. If that is a better fit, we will not hesitate to refer you to that firm, at no cost to you. We know attorneys who are among the most effective in all areas of personal injury law.

Accidents don’t just happen. Most are caused by somebody else’s carelessness. With over 30 years of experience focused on personal injury cases, we can address your needs and concerns with professionalism and integrity. You are always the focus of our practice.